Hang Tuah

Hang Tuah

In the early days of Sultan Mansor’s reign in Malacca, a son is born to Hang Mahmud and his wife Dang Merdu Wati. The child is named Hang Tuah. When Hang Tuah is seven, his parents decide to move to Malacca. There they stay in the house of a relative not far from the residence(…)

Dewa Muda

Dewa Muda wakes up from a dream, and tells his two attendants (penqasuh or peran ) that in the dream an old man or woman appeared to him. This person asked the prince to go into the ancestral forest to hunt for a golden deer. The pengasuh go to summon the royal astrologer (wak nujum).(…)

Solomon And Sang Kanchil

One day a merchant comes before Raja Sulaiman to report that some time in the past two little orphan boys, having nowhere to go, took shelter in his kitchen. Now the elder is twelve years old while the younger is eight. They were never given any proper food while with him. However, since they were(…)

Kerak Nasi, A Ranting Story

One day, feeling extremely unwell as well as tired and sleepy, Seri Rama, the king of Siusia Mendarapura, calls his pair of attendants, Pak Dogol and Wak Long, before him. He tells them that he is going to take a nap, and they are to take care of the palace, as well as to ensure(…)

Hikayat Maharaja Wana

The Origins of the Principal Characters The giant king of Dati Kuaca sends an ultimatum to the neighbouring king of Berma; either Berma surrenders or his country will be invaded. Berma rejects the ultimatum. In the ensuing war Dati Kuaca is killed; Berma’s son, Dewa Baha, marries Dati Kuaca’s widow and takes the dead king’s(…)

Malay Legends

The number of Malay legends, developed around the lives and adventures of historical or semi-historical figures, or events is fairly large. Many have but local significance in a limited part of the Malay peninsula, serving to glorify their central characters and the kingdoms or territories with which these characters are associated. The most important of(…)