Malay Legends

The number of Malay legends, developed around the lives and adventures of historical or semi-historical figures, or events is fairly large. Many have but local significance in a limited part of the Malay peninsula, serving to glorify their central characters and the kingdoms or territories with which these characters are associated. The most important of these legends, one which has attained national political as well as cultural importance is the story of Hang Tuah, the warrior of Malacca, who reputedly attained immortality.
In the cluster of islands that constitute Pulau Langkawi, lives on the legend of Mahsuri whose curse, following an unjust sentence and execution, reputedly prevented the islands from developing for seven generations. This story, like most legends, exists in many versions. The two legends that follow, in importance those of Hang Tuah and Mahsuri, are the legends of Puteri Sa’adong of Kelantan and Puteri Gunung Ledang, the Princess of Mount Ophir on the border between Malacca and Negri Sembilan

And then there are others, at one time transmitted in oral form, but increasingly committed to writing, and being presented through other media, including films.