Kerak Nasi, A Ranting Story

One day, feeling extremely unwell as well as tired and sleepy, Seri Rama, the king of Siusia Mendarapura, calls his pair of attendants, Pak Dogol and Wak Long, before him. He tells them that he is going to take a nap, and they are to take care of the palace, as well as to ensure that he is not disturbed.

No long afterwards the attendants go into the kitchen looking for food. All that is available is some scorched rice sticking to the bottom of a pot. In their struggle to scrape the pot a quarrel ensues; they end up screaming at each other and thus disturbing Seri Rama.

Awakening, Seri Rama, who is extremely upset, scolds both Pak Dogol and Wak Long, accusing them of having neither breeding nor manners. The clowns ask for forgiveness, but Seri Rama will not allow them to stay an instant longer in his palace. He beats them up and even kicks Wak Long, upsetting Pak Dogol. Pak Dogol asks Wak Long to follow him into exile. On arrival in a forest, they take a nap. When Wak Long is sound asleep, Pak Dogol, leaving his body, transforms himself into a giant. In his new shape he heads for Seri Rama’s palace, where he introduces himself as Jin Gempa Alam. He demands that Seri Rama hand over his wife Siti Dewi to him, warning that Seri Rama’s refusal to comply will result in his taking Siti Dewi by force and the destruction of Siusia Mendarapura.

Insulted and extremely angry, Seri Rama orders his generals Anila and Anggada to capture the jin. In a fierce battle between Sri Rama’s warriors and the jin the king’s forces are defeated. Even Seri Rama, who finally emerges to face the challenger, is unable to overpower the giant. Mah Babu Senam is now summoned before the king.

The astrologer discovers that Jin Gempa Alam is in fact Pak Dogol in disguise. This information, however, is hidden from Seri Rama, who is merely told that Pak Dogol must be found and brought back to the palace. Until this is done, Siusia Mendarapura can never escape from the threat of Jin Gempa Alam. Sagariwa is sent to search for Pak Dogol. Meanwhile, Jin Gempa Alam has mysteriously disappeared.

In the forest, Wak Long awakens from his sleep only to discover that Pak Dogol’s body is cold and lifeless. Convinced that Pak Dogol has been killed by a tiger, he is upset. Carrying Pak Dogol’s body , he moves on, amazed that Pak Dogol is so light. At that instant Pak Dogol returns to his body, which regains its normal weight. Wak Long, no longer able to carry it, drops it to the ground. Pak Dogol wakes up.

Amazed at all this, Wak Long questions Pak Dogol, who claims to have been asleep all along. Wak Long opines that this cannot be true, since Pak Dogol’s body had become almost weightless and later had suddenly regained its weight. Pak Dogol merely retorts that at no time did he ever ask Wak Long to carry him. Wak Long is convinced that Pak Dogol is concealing something from him. They continue their journey in search of food.

Upon being brought back to Siusia Mendarapura, and being told of the threats of Jin Gempa Alam, Pak Dogol asks Seri Rama for the whereabouts of the giant. Seri Rama informs him that Jin Gempa Alam mysteriously disappeared when Sagariwa was given instructions to go in search of Pak Dogol. Saying that in that case there is really no need for him to stay any longer in Siusia Mendarapura, Pak Dogol prepares to go back into exile. However Seri Rama, apologising to Pak Dogol and Wak Long for his previous harsh conduct towards them, manages to persuade them not to leave.