malay culture

Malay Myths

It is very likely that in their ancient past the Malays did had some true mythology of their own as did the Javanese. While in the case of Java some of these stories are still retained by the folk memory, stories such as those that have to do with the harvest or those dealing with(…)

Malay Poetry

Apart from literary epics and romances, usually collectively termed Hikayat, which may be written in prose or poetry, the principal forms of traditional Malay poetry take the form of pantun, syair and gurindam. Pantun Of these the pantun is by far the best known and the most popular, finding a place in many everyday situations(…)

Malay Romances

Malay literature has derived its literary or metrical romances from a host of diverse sources, but principally from the Middle- and Near-East, India, and Java. The variety of stories is significantly large, and the adventures of their heroes infinitely diverse. Perhaps the most important of the romances is that of the Javanese culture hero Raden(…)

Malay Folk Tales

The Malay folk tales demonstrate a considerable degree of variety in both type of story, content and characters. The tales themselves like other genres of traditional literature come from different cultures including the India and Middle-Eastern. There are stories which attempt to explain the origins of things, such as rice, objects or places. There are(…)

Malay Epics

Taking the traditional definition of the epic as a long heroic poem in lofty language, and some of its other characteristics, it appears that a thorough study is still needed to determine which of the large number of existing Malay literary works, in verse as well as in prose, fit into category. The popular term(…)

Malay Bibliography and Reference Sources

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